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Lyondale is thrilled to share our latest achievement in Bexley, focusing on a project that represents a blend of exceptional design and practicality. We have successfully secured planning approval for the erection of a single-storey rear extension, which, when combined with previous enlargements, extends 6.00 meters beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling. The maximum height of the entire enlargement is set at 3.00 meters, with the eaves’ height equally at 3.00 meters.

This project showcases Lyondale’s dedication to innovative design and maximizing living space while maintaining architectural harmony. We understand the importance of creating well-planned and aesthetically pleasing living environments, and this achievement reflects our commitment to this endeavor.


Lyondale is pleased to announce the successful planning approval for a project with Dacorum Council. The project involved the demolition of all existing buildings and structures and the construction of a single 4-bedroom bungalow, complete with four dormers on the roof slope. This development also includes essential features such as parking space, bin storage, and bike stores.

At Lyondale, we take immense pride in our commitment to exceptional design. We understand the significance of creating well-planned and aesthetically pleasing living spaces, and this project exemplifies our dedication to achieving that goal.

Lyondale achieved the successful acquisition of planning approval in Bexley. Our accomplishment involved obtaining consent for part one and part two-storey extensions, encompassing the front, side, and rear of the property to create two 3-bedroom flats.

This project underscores Lyondale’s expertise in obtaining planning approval for new build flats. We understand the importance of practical and functional housing solutions, and we are committed to making them a reality.

Lyondale Planning and Architecture recently commissioned a full restoration and rebuild of this Listed Building to create 6 residential flats and 2 restaurants.

At Lyondale, we take immense pride in our ability to secure planning approvals for exceptional projects that not only meet the highest standards but also bring about transformative rejuvenation in local communities. Our recent achievement in Dartford, highlights our commitment to preserving heritage while ushering in a new era of vitality.

Within Lowfield Street, we achieved planning approval for a project that is nothing short of prestigious. As custodians of a listed building, we orchestrated the change of use for the ground floor with proposed extensions that enclose the rear curtilage. This transformation is set to introduce two remarkable Cafe/Restaurant spaces.

Beyond the ground floor, Lyondale’s expert team has achieved approval for extensive extensions and alterations to the upper floors, spanning the first, second, and third storeys. The outcome? Six luxurious flats, that blend seamlessly with the historical charm of the building. This project not only exemplifies our prowess in securing planning approvals but also underscores our dedication to preserving history and enhancing the local area as we transform architectural visions into iconic landmarks.

A new build 2 bedroom house approved with Southwark council.

Lyondale achieves permission for a new build 2 bedroom house with Southwark Council. Reimagining residential curtilage as a new build property Lyondale secured planning approval for a project that’s all about new beginnings – the subdivision of residential curtilage and the construction of a two-story, detached dwelling designed to house 2B4P (2 Bedrooms for 4 Persons). This successful project also incorporates essential elements such as off-street parking, meticulously crafted landscaping, and a well-planned cross-over.

What makes this project truly special is the rare permission granted for a brand-new house. Lyondale’s expertise in presenting, advocating for, and obtaining planning approval for this new build residence is a testament to our commitment to innovative housing solutions.

Lyondale achieves approval of a new build following a successful council hearing in North Finchley, under the jurisdiction of Barnet Council.

This project, which involved the erection of a two-story dwelling with rooms in the roofspace following the demolition of the existing conservatory and garage, marks a notable achievement in securing planning approval at a council hearing. The project includes the construction of a modern and spacious two-story dwelling, thoughtfully designed with rooms in the roofspace. It also features essential amenities like refuse/recycling facilities, a cycle store, and convenient off-street parking.

What sets this project apart is not only its outstanding design but also the fact that it was approved through a council hearing, where rigorous scrutiny and deliberation take place. It’s a testament to Lyondale’s expertise in presenting and gaining approval for new build projects.

Our achievement in Warley Gap, under the jurisdiction of Brentwood Council, is a testament to our ability to secure planning approvals for extraordinary projects that exceed the ordinary.

In the picturesque Warley Gap, we achieved planning approval for a project that stands out for its exceptional size and scope. The proposal involved a single-storey rear extension, and what makes this project truly unique is the fact that the proposed extension would extend 8 meters beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling. Such a substantial extension is indeed a rare find, and it required a special touch to bring it to fruition.

Lyondale’s knowledge and expertise of planning law and of navigating the intricacies of a project of this scale, successfully obtained planning approval, turning rarity into reality.

The project:

“Retrospective change of use from previously existing single dwelling house (use class C3) into an HMO (use class C4)”.

The outcome:

At Lyondale, we thrive on turning challenges into opportunities, and our latest triumph in Woolwich, under the jurisdiction of the Greenwich Council, exemplifies our ability to always find a way to achieve approval, this time a retrospective planning appeal.

In Woolwich, we achieved a remarkable feat by securing planning approval on an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for an already existing HMO. The proposal involved a retrospective change of use from a previously existing single dwelling house (use class C3) into a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO, use class C4). This transformation is not just a change of use; it’s a testament to our ability to navigate the complexities of a retrospective planning appeal.

This project reflects Lyondale’s experience and expertise in securing planning approvals and showcases our unwavering commitment to making your vision a reality, even when originally faced with refusal by the council.


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